Key Risk Reporting and Key Risk Indicators – Case Studies

NC State’s ERM Initiative is pleased to release a new thought paper, Key Risk Reporting and Key Risk Indicators, that highlights three case study illustrations of how organizations have developed effective processes for reporting risk information. These case studies are based on real life examples of how companies have addressed the need for effective risk measures.

This thought paper, which was developed by three NC State graduate students concentrating in ERM, provides three unique illustrations of how organizations have successfully developed and used metrics to monitor and report on key risks. 

The three cases reveal the variety of methods that can be used to develop metrics to provide early warnings of impending risk events. This report also provides detailed examples of the process of developing metrics as well as the different types of reports that are used to convey the risk metrics.

It is our hope that senior executives and risk professionals can use this document to assess their own risk reporting and discuss how their current ERM process could be improved to provide more forward looking indicators for key risks.

By: Enterprise Risk Management Initiative – NC State University