Rimap sertifiointi

Miksi hakisin FERMA Rimap sertifiointia?

FERMA RIMAP certification is unique because it provides:

  • an independent confirmation of your professional competences and experience
  • a European standard developed by European risk managers and recognized by FERMA's 22 risk management member associations
  • a continuous dynamic learning path: earn CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points by participating to FERMA licensed events

Tutustu tästä yksityiskohtaisemmin Rimap -serfiointiin, sen edellytyksiin ja tukintovaatimksiin ja muihin yksityiskohtiin.

Candidate Information Guide

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FERMA Rimap Body of Knowledge

The FERMA rimap Body of Knowledge represents a comprehensive reference list of risk management topics that can emerge during the career of a risk professional.